Installing vdr_remote

Installation from Source

Please refer also to the file INSTALL for installation instructions.

Step 1: Getting the source code

Release version source code and binary packages can be obtained at: CVS-access is also provided,the latest cvs sources can be checked out with: cvs login cvs -z3 co -P modulename
where modulename is the name for the latest cvs-release (Revision tag). For revision tags please see the cvs-branches tracker on You can check out the latest-and-greatest most up-to-date sources by using vdr_remote as module name. This version might not compile on your machine.
Download the source archive (cvs or release)
Unpack the archive and change to the vdr_remote directory.

Step 2: Configuring and building

./ configure
make install
(might need root privileges)
If everything went ok, you should be able to run

Binary Installation

Currently binaries are provided for Windows (should work for Win95 and above, more or less tested with Win98 and Win2000) and Mac OSX (10.4 and above).

Windows Binary Installation

You can run the vdr_remote executable from the archive folder, there's no need to install anything. If you like, copy the executable and the icon file to a location of your choice.

Mac OSX Binary Installation

Copy the vdr_remote Application from the disk image to a location of your choice.
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