Change Log

2006-11-05  Peter Marquardt  <>
cvs HEAD
        - [UPDATED] Buttons now near final, compile check start
        - [BUGFIX] Show user buttons wasn´t stored in the preferences

2006-11-04  Peter Marquardt  <>
cvs version 0.3.2
        - [NEW FEATURE] display vdr disk status
        - [UPDATE] some new buttons, currently in testing mode
        - [UPDATE] Documentation

2006-11-01  Peter Marquardt  <>
cvs version 0.3.1
        - [BUGFIX] fixed Minimize to tray on Windows
        - [BUGFIX] (at least partly) improved socket viewer reliability
        - [NEW FEATURE] User Button Tooltips now contain user definable text
2006-10-31 Peter Marquardt  <>
stable version 0.3
        - [NEW FEATURE] added Buttons User1-User9
        - [NEW FEATURE] added Stay on Top (doesn´t work on OSX 10.4 with stock wxWidgets framework)
        - [NEW FEATURE] added MinimizeToTray/Iconize 
        - [BUGFIX]made "Too many connection failures"-Dialog reset nr. of failed connection so 
                you don't have to restart the app anymore.

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